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Helena Wu (Mama Wu!)


I am a retired homebirth midwife, now herbalist, flower essence and Reiki practitioner. I love to grow plants, wildcraft and make medicines. I also love to teach. Herbs and flower essences are my main modalities for healing work.

I studied at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and apprenticed with 7 Song, the director. I have done some study with Stephen Buhner in the art of Depth Diagnosis and Sacred Plant Medicine. Rosemary Gladstar, Pam Montgomery, Kate Gilday, David Dalton, Matthew Wood, Susun Weed and many other excellent herbalists, too numerous to mention, have influenced my thought and practice. I am grateful for their love and work with the plants. I honor the Divine Mystery and Nature as my ultimate teachers.

My midwifery practice began in November 1990. I learned my craft through apprenticeship and was a Certified Professional Midwife licensed in Vermont. It was a privilege for me to assist women and their families during this transformative time in their lives. The childbearing season is a wonderful opportunity for a woman to strengthen her connection to Nature and experience its love and power.

Life experience has opened my awareness to other ways of knowing beside that of the scientific reductionist model dominant in this culture. When one is aware of their connection to Nature and Divine Mystery (Spirit, God), all love and knowledge is available to them. I am studying the ways we can become more aware of and use this connection. We lose the fear of death and truly embrace living when we experience and become this love. It is my pleasure to share this with you.